Are you out of room at your house? Do you want to stay where you are because you love your home, location, schools etc…? When considering the options you have for staying where you are have you thought about the addition of a storage building? Not a portable shed, but an actual stand-alone new living and/or work space? When weighing the options you have you should consider a red iron steel building. Why red iron steel buildings? Well, there may be some options that on the surface might seem cheaper upon initial comparison such as traditional wood construction of a shop, barn, storage area but make sure you make your comparison is accurate. You need to compare true costs for the first few years not just initial construction costs and you will find that the better investment for you, and your property, is red iron steel. Why? Steel buildings last longer, require less maintenance, require less construction time and generate much less job site debris than traditional construction methods which equals lower job site clean-up costs. If you need more room, consider steel building construction. We offer our customer a FREE quote with a 3-D image of the steel building to help in their decision making process. If this article describes you, visit or call us toll free 1-800-882-5150.