If this video doesn’t make you want your own metal farm shop, nothing will.  This building is located in Haw River, North Carolina and is one of Premier Building Systems customized solutions.  (Video published by dtn/The Progressive Farmer)

See our tips for planning the ultimate shop below the video.  Ready to get started?  Request a quote today!


You’ve dreamed of it for years and now is the time.  Years of hard work and saving have brought you to the place you can finally make it happen.  Your very own shop.


But why now?  (Why not now?!)

Perhaps your new farm equipment just doesn’t fit in that old barn.  And on top of that, you’re tired of working in a poorly-lit, dirt-floor structure that isn’t heated nor air-conditioned.    Or as luck would have it, you’ve purchased the adjacent 5,000 acres and need a place to run your growing farming operations.

A clear-span steel building is a great choice; it offers wide open spaces and overhead clearance with the added benefit of insulated, year-round climate control.  You’ll have plenty of room for your office, your workbench, even a kitchen and restroom if that’s what you desire.  A fully equipped, well-organized space will help you keep your operation running, from parts storage and machine repair to bookkeeping and monitoring your industry reports.

Here are a few tips when designing and building the ultimate shop:

Go Big

You will want to consider at least a 50 x 100 metal structure.  This will give you ample floor space for today’s modern farm equipment (think class eight or nine combine) as well as room to work around it, and keep it maintained.  Going much smaller may prove to be “false economy in the long run”1.  As for height, 18-20’ is a good place to start.  Consider the possible need for an overhead crane. We can promise you will never regret the extra storage space and potential for future growth.

Going big applies to doors as well.  No need to try and drive machinery through the smallest possible opening, risking damage to the machine and building.  Again, 18-20’ on at least one roll-up door is recommended.


When you’re planning your metal farm shop, be sure and consider the investment in terms of longevity.  With premium structured steel and appropriate wind and snow loads engineered into your solution, you could easily have a 50 year structure.  Add to that the proper base trim, lifetime fasteners and 25 year pre-painted wall and roof steel panels for a strong, weatherproof system.

Climate Control

One of the many features of modern steel building design includes your choice of an insulation rating level that gives you the right solution for your climate control needs.  Whether you’re looking at a full HVAC solution or a winter-only forced air heating system you’ll want to minimize loss for savings on annual energy costs.


When it comes to trims and finishes, the sky’s the limit.  Your team, and The Mrs. will be pleased with all of the interior and exterior finish options.  From reclaimed wood and granite to stacked stone, brick and wainscoting, the possibilities are endless.

Don’t wait another minute.  Invest in your future today.

1(https://www.grainews.ca/2009/11/09/how-to-build-the-ideal-shop/; “How to Build the Ideal Shop”)

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