Agricultural Building Systems

Agricultural Steel Building Kits & Metal Frame Farm Workshops

Steel agricultural buildings are one of Premier Building Systems’ specialties. For more than 20 years, we’ve worked with farmers and ranchers throughout the US to design custom pre-engineered agricultural steel buildings that are designed and engineered for your specific regional demands.

Why Should I Choose a Steel Farm Building?

Our metal and steel building systems, in comparison to traditional structures, provide superior protection from high winds, lightning, mold, fire, and several other natural influences. An added bonus stems from the clear span steel that allows for an open concept design, as well as a durable and affordable option.

Whether you’re looking for crop storage, cattle handling, farm equipment storage, tractor maintenance, tractor storage, or a farm workshop, we have the knowledge and experience to help you design your ideal agricultural steel building.

If you’re considering a metal structure for your agricultural needs, Premier Building Systems has several options solutions that can be customized and made to meet your applications. Some common steel building structures include:

  • Steel Barns
  • Hay Storage Building
  • Machine and Equipment Storage
  • Livestock Shelter
  • Dairy and Feed Facilities
  • Crop Dusting Plane Hanger
Personal Shop Farm Shop
Barn-Stable-Riding Arena