Color Options

Silicone Modified Polyester (SMP)

This coating option provides long-term gloss to the finished product, as well as great resistance to fading. It is composed of top quality ceramic and other select inorganic pigments that are paired to maximize color retention. Chalking and fading are prevented due to the unique silicone polyester resin system that binds the chemistry together. This coating option is perfect for steel buildings that expect to be exposed to low or moderate sunlight.

This coating option is available in a variety of colors.

Polar White PPOL*

Light Stone

Ash Gray

Desert Sand

Charcoal Gray

Burnished Slate

Saddle Tan

Hawaiian Blue

Rustic Red

Fern Green

Solar White

Koko Brown


Aztec Gold

Crimson Red

Colony Green

Premium Fluoropolymer

Also known as Kylar 500, this upgraded coating option provides superior protection against mother nature such as UV rays, humidity, salt air, acid rain and pollution. To achieve this level of protection, the finest ceramic pigments and resin are combined to create an incredibly strong chemistry bond. This coating is ideal for buildings with slope roofs and are located in more volatile weather conditions.

This upgraded coating option is available in the following selection of colors.

Regal Red

Gallery Blue

Medium Bronze

Snow White

Slate Gray


Classic Green


Colonial Red

Bone White

Midnight Bronze