Industrial Steel Buildings

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Industrial Building Types

While many types of industries already lend themselves to steel and prefabricated metal buildings for their workspaces, there is no industry that our steel structures and pre-engineered buildings cannot enhance. In society, industrial metal buildings range from community staples such as energy and power plant facilities to business and trade mainstays like industrial factories, manufacturing plants, cold storage buildings, steel warehouses, distribution centers, and industrial crane buildings. Premiere Building Systems, Inc. has seen through projects in all of the aforementioned categories and beyond. Our pre-engineered designs create buildings to fit any need or space you could imagine.

Affordable Metal Industrial Buildings

Steel building solutions are the way to go when you are faced with any industrial building project. Our pre-engineered, custom designs save you time and money when it comes to bringing your big plans to fruition. Choosing our industrial steel buildings assures that you get your building materials and building design taken care of while the assembly time is greatly reduced compared to other building methods. Our team of professionals assures that efficiency is at the heart of every building project, which means fewer people in the process of assembling for less time. You can get your business going faster and save on capital because you chose the quickest and most economical option to meet your needs. Your contractor will thank you for making their work easy, as our prefabricated span metal buildings reduce construction time and ensure ease of assembly.

Why Should I Choose a Steel Building?

We are proud to design, manufacture, and supply pre-engineered industrial steel buildings that companies and business owners can count on. Our team has experience in every industry, possessing the knowledge to perfectly customize each commercial steel building’s design and ensure your satisfaction.
With our outstanding customer service and high-quality steel materials and components, our building solutions are energy efficient and reliable, with industrial steel structures that are built to last. Steel is not only a versatile and economical choice, but it’s also earth-friendly as well. Our steel is 100% recyclable, so you know if you ever decide to upgrade, the steel that reliably served you and your business for decades will be used to serve again rather than winding up in a landfill and creating excess waste.

In addition to being energy-efficient, versatile, and durable, our rigid frames and sturdy roofing systems allow you to create myriad floor plans to serve your needs best. Our span structures allow you to include everything under one roof that your business needs without the hindrance of beams, load-bearing walls, and other obstructions that make your daily operations harder.

All in all, steel is the ‘smarter, faster, stronger’ of building materials. When you reach out for a quote, our professionals will explain why steel is right for your unique industrial building project.

What’s Included in Our Building Systems?

All of our steel buildings are considered prefabricated because the components for your building are manufactured at the steel plant before being shipped to the job site. Although technically considered prefab, every aspect of your building solution is custom designed to meet your project requirements.

First, engineering drawings are used for production and are based on your structural needs and custom design selections. Each of our rigid steel framing and components are welded by certified welders and ready for assembly when shipped. Depending on your building kit needs, beams, rafters, and components are coated in iron oxide for protection from the elements and to aid in rust resistance. Adding iron oxide also gives the steel its unique red color, aka “red iron steel.”

You’ll receive your steel, insulation, and doors directly from the factory; however before delivery takes place, foundation drawings will be provided so that your contractor can pour the slab with anchor bolt placement and can be given the appropriate amount of time to cure properly. Every step of our process considers your contractor because we want you to know that we see our projects through from conception to completion.

These processes help to keep things running smoothly to be cost-effective and efficient, which promotes a productive and cohesive workflow and saves you money in the long run.

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Industrial Building Types

Metal buildings are particularly well-suited to the industrial building industry for numerous reasons, including:

  • cost efficiency
  • durability
  • reduced waste
  • speed of assembly

Finding the right solution and the right partner is no small task. Premier Building Systems has been designing custom industrial solutions since 1995, and our attention to detail and requirements planning will provide you with the best quality custom steel building on the market.

Factories & Manufacturing Plants

Cold Storage Buildings

Energy & Power Plant Facilities

Industrial Crane Buildings

Industrial Steel Warehouses

Distribution Centers

Experience the Premier Building Systems Difference

Prefabricated metal buildings have become the construction method of choice for numerous applications over the years. Our pre-engineered steel and building kits offer versatile designs, including popular span buildings designs, which bring unsurpassed durability. When it comes to severe weather, our industrial steel buildings withstand the worst, including heavy snowfall, floods, tornadoes, and earthquakes. When you choose Premiere Building Systems to custom design your industrial steel building, you choose a commitment to quality.

When we bring quality into the conversation, we are talking from start to finish. We purchase our steel only from manufacturers who are certified International Accreditation Service (I.A.S.). In addition to providing the highest quality materials, our buying power allows us to pass considerable savings along to you.

Each one of our Premiere Professionals is committed to your positive experience with the entire process of your building project journey. They are here to make sure that you get all of your questions answered and all of your needs met, help you troubleshoot, and match your requirements with the custom building solution that will not only meet your expectations but exceed them.

For more information about the benefits of choosing Premiere Building Solutions’ pre-engineered design to create your industrial steel building, contact us today.

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