Building with Steel

Building a metal building. What does that really mean? There are several different grades and many types of “metal” buildings. When pricing a metal building make sure that you are comparing apples to apples. When we give a free quote to any customer we try to make sure that they are well educated in exactly what we provide even if that means that we lose the sale. If they are looking for a thin metal carport or shed then they are not talking to the right company. Because we are proud of our A+ customer service rating we intend to always take the time to make sure that our customers are looking for red iron steel buildings or when the project requires a galvanized steel building we will suggest that as well, but in most cases, the more economical red iron steel building is more than adequate for their needs. Why do our building advisors take their valuable time to offer each customer to go over any competitors contract on a line for line basis? Because in many cases the customer does not realize the items that have been left off of a quote and can cause them great expense and headache down the road. For instance, many times freight is not included and can make for a huge expense they were not expecting or they may assume that insulation is included because they wanted it but when we take our time to discuss the contract with them they find that no there was no insulation included. If we go line by line with our customers on our quotation and even a competitors quote, we can rest assured that we did our best for them even if it means that they choose the other company. Our slogan has been for years, “The More you Look, The Better we Look” and we intend to keep it that way. We welcome our customers to shop around and then talk to us about what they have found. We stand behind our factory direct pricing and the high quality red iron steel buildings we deliver everyday for over 20 years.