Clear Span Metal Buildings

What is a Clear Span Steel or Metal Building? What advantages does a clear Span Metal Building offer?

Clear span steel or metal Buildings are a unique building structure offered in the steel market to allow for clear floor space within the structure. Clear Span structure technology is a great application for arenas, airplane hangars, warehouses, and agricultural applications for storing products and equipment.  The beauty of clear span design is the freedom it gives the end-user inside the pre-engineered metal building during end-use. These clear span metal buildings allow warehouses to have hundreds, if not thousands of options for floor plan layouts due to the unobtrusiveness of inside support beams. All of the structural load-bearing is handled by the outside framework.

Not only does clear span offer warehouses and agricultural steel building applications the ultimate in the flexibility it also allows for metal buildings to be utilized for airplane hangars where airplanes can be easily moved in and out without the encumbrance of posts and beams to maneuver around. Premier Building Systems, Inc. enjoys the flexibility that the clear span design allows us to offer our customers in need of open floor space. These clear span steel structures can be modified to allow for larger airplanes and other applications where there needs to be taller head clearance. Premier Building Systems is proud to offer the latest and most effective options in the metal building marketplace. By staying on top of the latest in steel and metal building technology we can always offer our customers the solutions that fit their metal building construction needs.

If you are thinking about constructing a metal building and are contemplating special design needs, do not hesitate to contact one of our expert construction advisers. Our friendly and highly qualified staff is waiting to answer your questions, offer you a free quote, and help to ensure that together we design the metal building that exceeds your expectations. With over 30 years of steel building construction experience, you will get fast, accurate and A+ rated customer service every time you contact Premier Building Systems, Inc. Whether you need a building in Atlanta, Columbus, Savannah, or down in Valdosta Georgia, call us to discuss your metal building project today 1-800-882-5150. Find out how metal building prices can make your next construction project more affordable.

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