Be Prepared for Hurricane Seasons with Hurricane-Resistant Steel Buildings.

Hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th, and NOAA’s forecasts predict a challenging season with up to 21 named storms, including 5 major hurricanes. In this period, hurricane-resistant steel buildings can be your lifeline.

As of our last update, we’ve already witnessed an early start to the season, with several named storms. With about 90 days remaining, experts are closely monitoring this Super El Nino year due to warmer ocean currents.

Your Guide to Preparedness

When it comes to hurricane preparedness, the choice of building materials matters significantly. Steel buildings, known for their robustness and durability, stand out as the ideal option for hurricane-prone regions. In this guide, we’ll walk you through hurricane preparedness steps and demonstrate how steel buildings can fortify your property.

  1. Assess Your Risk: Evaluate your property’s hurricane vulnerability, considering your location, historical data, and local building codes.

  2. Create a Hurricane Preparedness Plan: Develop a comprehensive plan that covers evacuation routes, emergency contacts, and essential supplies.

  3. Choose Steel Buildings: Benefit from steel buildings’ exceptional attributes: a. Strength: Resisting high winds and debris, steel structures offer unparalleled protection. b. Durability: Steel buildings are corrosion-resistant, ensuring long-term reliability. c. Customization: Customize your steel building while maintaining hurricane resilience.

  4. Reinforce Existing Structures: Strengthen your existing steel building with: a. Hurricane-rated doors and windows to minimize damage. b. Secure anchor systems for foundation stability. c. Roof upgrades with high-quality steel panels to prevent wind uplift.

  5. Maintain Your Steel Building: Regular upkeep is essential to preserve your steel building’s integrity. Inspect and repair loose or damaged components and roofs promptly.

  6. Secure Loose Items: Prior to a hurricane, secure loose objects like signage, equipment, or outdoor furniture to prevent them from becoming dangerous projectiles.

  7. Invest in a Backup Power Source: Ensure critical systems, such as lighting and security, remain operational during power outages with a backup generator.

  8. Prioritize Evacuation and Safety: Follow your preparedness plan and secure your steel building before evacuating.

  9. Post-Hurricane Inspection: After the storm passes, assess your steel building for damage and address issues promptly.

  10. Document and Share: Keep records of your hurricane preparations and share your experiences with the community to emphasize the effectiveness of steel buildings in hurricane protection.

Never underestimate the destructive force of a hurricane, as seen with Hurricane Michael in 2018. It caused catastrophic damage and losses exceeding $3 billion in Georgia alone. However, one of our customers shared a silver lining.

Despite Michael’s strength, his multi-million dollar car collection remained mostly intact thanks to his steel building: ‘…None of the building structure came down on the collection. My hats off to you and your product.’ – R.B., Dallas, GA

To learn more about our hurricane-resistant steel buildings and how they safeguard your belongings, contact our sales team today.