Landscape Building

What is a metal landscape building? Well in this case it is a custom designed Red Iron Steel Building that was designed and is being built to house a Landscape Business in Auburn, Georgia. So why call it a Metal Landscape Building and not a Steel Landscape Building? Well in our industry those terms have to be interchangeable because the consumer uses both Metal and Steel to describe our product when asking for a quote. Our building advisors have to be able to ask the right questions to ensure that we are actually pricing the type of structure they are looking for to build their project. There is a great difference between a red iron steel building and some other types of “metal Buildings” being offered so it is imperative that we not just provide a customer with a price for a specification that they call out to us over the phone but that we open up a dialogue, investigating what it is that they are actually needing and make sure that we are educating them about what we are actually offering in our price quote for their metal landscape building or any other steel structure that we may quote for them. Otherwise, a consumer could call four companies to receive steel building quotes and think that they are comparing “apples to apples” when in all actuality they are comparing “apples to pears” and the customer they may make a skewed purchase. Even if a customer is not going to make a final purchase from us we still take the time to answer questions and discuss pros and cons of different building options because we want them to make the very best decision for their budget and final project outcome.