Purchasing a Steel Building

Steps to getting the custom designed steel building that are looking for:

1.       Decide exactly what you need is for this building so that you are clear about your needs. A lot of customers will waste a lot of their precious time calling the wrong type of building manufacturer/distributor. For instance you may be looking to add a very inexpensive one car garage to cover your car or a carport to cover a boat. This would exclude red iron steel building manufacturer/distributors.

2.       Take some time to sit down and write down some of the details about your project. Size, timeline for completing, number of doors and windows, insulation or no insulation keeping in mind your budget and allocation of the space.

3.       Make a list of the questions that you want answered such as price, delivery time, payment options, accessory options, offloading requirements, color choices.

4.       Do a little research on the companies who offer the type of building you are looking for , you should check with the BBB, a few magazines, a couple friends and a few specific internet searches can really give you a lot of information without spending a ton of time.

5.       Make some phone calls to your preferred list of companies to have your preliminary questions answered and be prepared that these calls may lead to more ground work that needs to be accomplished like possibly hiring a concrete company or an erector or arranging financing.

6.       After you have done your homework and find a company and a representative at the company that you feel comfortable working with then you will be able to focus on factors like reviewing your contract and insuring that your building design is exactly as you specified.

Keep in mind when you find a company that has your best interest at heart they will offer to go over each detail of your contract with you and even compare competitor’s bids with yours, line for line so that you can get a true idea of what you are comparing. For instance one bid may seem really low and you are leaning that way but when gone over with an experienced ethical building adviser it is pointed out that the lower bid does not include freight has less insulation then you requested and is missing 2 walk doors you wanted. When these items are corrected you would have actually ended up spending a lot more with the company you were leaning toward. Education is the key to being a savvy purchaser and if a company has your best interest in mind they will educate you even if it means losing the sale.