Premier is celebrating our 17th year in business this fall. When I, Scott Philips, look back through 17 years of offering my customers the best product, at the best price with exceptional customer service in this industry it is a reflection of who I strive to be. I am extremely passionate about what I do and excited about going into my office every day. I take great pride in giving my best to each and every customer every day on every single project, large or small.

Let me tell you what separates me, and Premier Buildings Systems, from the rest of the industry in my business segment.

  1. I have worked extremely hard at building a relationship with one of the top manufacturers in the industry.
  2. I believe in, and strive to, surround myself with top-caliber people who are experts in their field whether it be customer service, sales, steel building erection etc…
  3. I am continually working to make sure that the purchasing process is as seamless as possible for my customers and my overall business operation.

How do I accomplish all these goals?

  1. I align myself and my business with a manufacturer that is IAS certified and proven to respond to problems if they occur and respond with a solution.
  2. I only work with like-minded businesses that understand my vision and the importance of streamlining the process for my customers. I want my customers to receive all components, accessories on the same day as their building.
  3. I have built a solid relationship with the #1 door manufacturer in the Nation and they work to make sure that their doors arrive at the steel manufacturer the day before the building is ready to ship so that the customer has one less delivery to worry about.

Streamlining for the simplicity of our customers is only one way that I have built a solid foundation over these past 17 years. Combine this simplicity with the best quality steel building, the most professional and experienced team of steel building advisors and a combined purpose by all of us to serve our customers with first-class customer service and you have the essence of the Premier Building Systems advantage … always striving for excellence in all areas.