Building Accessories


Steel Building Accessories


What Types of Building Accessories are available from Premier Building Systems, Inc.?

·         Wall Fans with standard gravity damper option fixed louvers or manual louvers or electric operated louvers.

·         Windows -3×3 to 6×3 half glass sliders with screens available in mill finish or bronze finish, clear glass or tinted glass non-tempered

·         Slimline Windows – 2×7 mill finish or bronze finish, tempered, tinted or non-tinted

·         Walk Doors w/ several options including narrow light, half glass and several lock options: lever lock, lever with dead bolt, mortice with lever, panic hardware/door closure options.

·         Louvers –various sizes with color options available.

·         Reinforced Skylights: insulated or non-insulated available for PBR or standing seam roofs.

·         Full line of roll-up doors with, or without manual, chain hoists or optional electric operators with remotes.

·         Ridge Vents –manually chain operated. Available in various colors.

·         Cupolas –various sizes and colors are available.

·         Door Canopy –for above personnel doors and available in various sizes and colors.