Steel Building Liner Panels


Steel building Liner Panels


What are liner panels for a steel building? Why would I install them?

Steel building liner panels perform a couple of functions that I will explain below and you should install them if you want to increase the life and look of your insulation and add that extra polished look to your steel building. Steel building liner panels can be purchased to fully enclose the entire inside of your steel building but are most commonly used only along the bottom portion of the walls equivalent to the look of adding paneling below a chair rail in your home interior. The difference being that when liner panel is added to a steel building it is not strictly for aesthetic purposes. Liner panel actually serves a very important function by protecting the lower exposed portions of the insulation from being damaged by the everyday functions being performed within your steel building. While protecting the insulation it also adds that additional layer of protection and insulation inherent in adding another layer to your walls. This is why even though you are not normally going to be running into your insulation higher up on the wall many customers choose to use liner panel inside the entire building instead of just lining the lower portion. Either way, Liner panels should be considered when you are purchasing your steel building and completing this metal building project. The cost associated with purchasing the liner panels will be returned to you when heating and cooling and the added bonus of the finished look of the interior.