Steel Buildings – Red Iron

When customers call in to our offices to discuss the steel or metal buildings that they are wanting to have built we always strive to educate our consumers. Red Iron Steel buildings are not the same as say a tubular steel building or a thin sheet metal garage that you see pre-built in a lot on the side of the road for sale so it can be very difficult for a customer to comprehend our price if they are comparing a red iron steel building to one of the many lesser options on the market. The only buildings that Premier Building Systems sells are custom ordered red iron steel buildings. These red Iron steel structures are created to meet all the wind and snow loads for the location where they will be erected and are delivered to the customer on tractor trailer trucks. The red iron steel structure has to be installed on a concrete slab that is prepared with anchor bolts to secure the building. Since these red iron steel buildings are designed and erected to be standing for a long time to come the price is going to be reflective of the quality of the material that is why it is necessary to make sure that the customer understands and is educated regarding any comparison they may be making to alternative choices on the market.

Each and every building advisor is prepared to ask the questions necessary to help each consumer make the best choice for their actual need. We do not want to sell a customer a red iron steel building when all they really need or can afford is a carport. We want to make sure that when a consumer purchase one of our custom designed steel buildings that it is exactly the product they are looking for whether it is for a residential shop, a retail strip mall, a commercial business or any other use. Our advisors look forward to helping not only to educate you on the type of building you are receiving but also in making sure that it is designed to include all the options you need the first time around. They truly enjoy working with our customers and building relationships that will last for years to come.