Steel Buildings

Premier Building Systems has been providing prefabricated metal buildings to consumers in the Southeast and throughout the country for over 20 years. With a full staff of building construction professionals, we pride ourselves on being available to answer our customers’ metal building questions quickly and accurately.

Our desire to help customers  with professionalism, a wealth of knowledge, and quick response time, has earned Premier Building Systems an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. That’s a reputation we will always protect!

With so many options for building materials, you may wonder if steel is right for your project.  While no two projects are alike, steel’s versatility makes it an asset on many applications.  Along with that you’ll find steel to be a durable solution and one that is environmentally friendly.

Clean-Span and Design Options

Steel offers unlimited design options.  In the old days, steel buildings meant cold, industrial-looking structures with little-to-no character.  Now, you can create an aesthetically pleasing building to serve both your functional needs as well as your commercial or personal design needs.

Whether you’re building a personal shop, a commercial property or an industrial facility, having a wide-open framework enables you to design exactly what you need on the inside including office space, showroom space, kitchens and more.  Likewise, roof slope and outside additions, such as overhangs or lean-tos, add to the character of your building.  And don’t forget finishes.  Many of our custom designs are drawn to incorporate stacked stone and brick exteriors along with custom openings for upscale and functional windows and doors.

Strength and Durability

Steel buildings are designed to stand the test of time.  The inherent strength combats possible damage by heavy wind and other severe weather while naturally being resistant to fire, pests, mold and aging.  Every Premier building is designed, with stamped drawings provided, to meet all county and city codes for your area.  A low-maintenance option, coated steel needs very little attention to wear and tear.  With the proper engineered supports built into every design, your Premier steel building should last a lifetime.

Environmentally Sound

Steel buildings are environmentally sound.  They are built using precise manufacturing techniques that create very little waste.  And at the end of a building’s life, all or most of the parts can be reused and recycled.


Last but not least, steel buildings are an economical solution.  The precise fabrication techniques enable steel manufacturers to enjoy economies of scale with very little production waste.  Along with these factory savings, the quick and easy construction process allows for less labor for the overall project. Pre-welded and pre-drilled, red-iron steel fits together according to plan, saving time and money.  Lastly, depending on the project scale, steel buildings often require less-expensive foundations.  All-in-all, steel often costs less than traditional methods of construction.

  • Long lasting. Steel buildings last a lifetime.
  • Built to code, including snow loads, wind loads and city/county requirements.
  • Steel is resistant to fire, wind and storms, and pests.
  • Building maintenance cost is lower with pre-painted components and iron-oxide barrier coating.
  • Less clean-up on the job site; with metal building structures, there is very little debris to discard when construction is complete. For most small to medium jobs (6,000-10,000 sq. ft) you might have one small trailer or dumpster load with a red iron steel metal building. That same job using traditional methods might have 3 or more dumpsters during the project lifecycle.
  • Fast assembly time from start to finish. Smaller buildings, such as a 40 x 60 steel building can be ready to utilize in 1 to 2 weeks from delivery.  With traditional construction you would be looking at 3 to 4 weeks for the same size wood structure. Because our buildings are custom designed using standard components, you’ll see this kind of time savings regardless of your building size and function.
  • When you purchase a prefab metal building kit you receive guarantees for the quality of the product; most companies offer a 25-year paint warranty and all of these companies also stand behind the quality of their metal buildings.