Steel Chicken Houses

Premier is proud to be the provider of one of the largest galvanized steel chicken condos in the United States. This three story galvanized metal chicken condominium is being completed in Gillsville, Georgia in Fall of 2013 and plans are already underway for the big brother who may just set a record for the largest. We hope to be a part of that cutting edge steel building. These world class structures with advanced technology and innovative design are not only increasing functionality but also efficiency for the Chicken plants were they are being erected. It is remarkable how these massive structures are being developed to run smoothly and keep the livestock healthy whil esteadily increasing capacity. 

Premier is so proud to be an integral part of a diverse offering of galvanized and red iron steel building designs across the Agricultural metal building industry. Over the last 18 years we have built lasting relationships with all different types of agricultural needs customers. From designing buildings to house equipment to livestock from homes for farms to drying rooms and chicken condos, if you need a steel structure for you farm or farm business we have the experience to build what you need and do it quickly and accurately. We look forward to helping you and building a relationship with you. 

Galvanized Chicken House