Steel Chicken Houses

We are proud to be working on another Specialty Steel building, steel chicken houses or as this one is actually called, a chicken condo. These are massive creations that house a whole lot of chickens and rightfully so these are huge structures. This steel chicken house is different then when we do a steel "box" building instead of one dimension such as 30x60x16 which would translate to 30 wide 60 long and 16 tall,  this structure has a main enclosed building that is a little over 66 feet wide by a little over 556 feet long and nearly 38 feet tall. It also has lean-to's on each side of the building that are 14'7' wide by 344' long and on one endwall there is another buidling called a connector building that is 16 wide by 25 long and 32'6" tall. If this sounds big you should see the procession of tractor trailers that brought all of the steel to the job site. The picture below will give you some idea, but this is just one procession of trucks, on one day, there were more than these on this day and a second day of deliveries. We will keep this project updated to show you how amazing this steel chicken condo will be once completed.


Chicken Condo