Steel Structures Midwest United States

Steel Buildings are so versatile, more versatile than most imagine. Not only can you build a steel car garage in North Dakota, you can build a steel airplane building, you can use steel buildings for other things too, like steel office buildings, steel agricultural buildings, steel building warehouses and so much more. 

Premier Building Systems has been providing steel buildings to consumers in the Midwestern and Western United States for over 16 years. With a full staff of building construction professionals we pride ourselves on being available to answer our customers steel building questions as soon as possible. This desire to help customers in the Dakotas, Nebraska and Colorado with a wealth of knowledge, professionalism, and when they need us, has earned Premier Building Systems an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Whether you purchase a steel building from Premier Building Systems, Inc. in North Dakota, South Dakota or in Colorado our Metal buildings always come to the customer snow load rated according to all county and city code requirements. Our building consultants have years of experience and know how to make sure that your steel building is going to be designed exactly to your specifications. Our consultants will use their years of experience to make sure that not only does your metal building adhere to all your needs and your county and city codes but they will advise you on options that may, or may not be a good idea. Premier Building Consultants want to make sure that your maintenance free metal building will be an asset to you for many years to come.

All Premier Steel structures are delivered with Purlins that are stronger, allow for faster construction and minimize failures compared with non-purlin steel structures that are weaker, have longer construction times and have higher incidents of failure. Not only are Premier Steel buildings strong and long lasting but they come delivered to North Dakota, South Dakota, Colorado or Nebraska they are backed with over 50 Years of metal building experience, they are all steel, predrilled and precut, easy to erect and are delivered with a twenty year paint warranty and complete Certified Stamped Engineered drawings.

Call 1-800-882-5150 to speak with a building consultant today and let them help you with your custom steel building project today.