After all the browsing and conversations with the steel building consultants, it’s great to have a clear strategy for what you need to consider with the construction of your new prefabricated metal building. At Premier Building Systems, we walk you through everything you need to know while some companies leave it to you to fill the gaps. To have a successful project, here’s what needs to happen:

Design– When you first contact Premier, you will be assigned to a consultant that will walk you through the entire project. It’s not a random process at all. We feel this is the most efficient way of ensuring that you get exactly the type of steel building that best fits your needs. We’ll gather all the relevant information including the purpose of the building, the accessories that you want and make the best sense for you as well as all the information the suppliers need to know for the appropriate design of your steel building.

Engineering– Your steel building will be custom made based upon your specifications which includes the location, area of your property, size of the building and many other factors.

Building Codes– With any construction project, the building codes have to be followed accordingly. These codes are the specifications and limitations that govern all construction in a particular city or town. The good news is that we’ve been around almost 20 years and have put prefabricated metal buildings nearly everywhere around the country. Not only do we have the construction knowledge and experience you need, but we do all the homework so that your steel building arrives on site code ready no matter if you live in Miami Florida, Minneapolis Minnesota, Charleston South Carolina to Salem Oregon. We’ve got you covered.

The Actual Order– Once you and your consultant have finalized the design of your steel building and all of your accessory requirements have been decided (i.e. what type of doors, windows, exterior, etc), your consultant will review the purchase agreement to ensure that everything is in order. Payment arrangements would be made at that time and delivery of the prefab building would be arranged.

Who’s Going To Build?– With many steel building companies, the customer has to not only work with a company that manufactures and delivers the prefab metal building but also has to find someone else to actually build the building. At Premier Building Systems, we eliminate that step entirely since we handle both the manufacturing process as well as the construction side of the project. This is way more efficient and customer friendly.

Metal Building Delivery– We coordinate with all our customers to make sure that all the details around the delivery of the building goes smoothly- that every last piece of material is where it should be when it should be so that the construction process is efficient and timely. All materials are checked for damage and handled accordingly. The staff at Premier truly handles every detail.

Construction– While some metal building companies leave the metal building construction process to less experienced hands, we manage all aspects of assembly and erection so that your steel building is made to last. We ensure that the building is weather tight and structurally sound. Some of the things we take care of include:

  • Making sure all the right tools are on site to unload the metal building parts without damaging them.
  • Ensuring that the electricity and compressed air necessary to power some of the tools is on site
  • Checking to make sure the roof is assembled properly
  • Installing any insulation correctly
  • Maintaining a safe construction site and that the minimal waste is carried off

Technical Construction Support– It’s just natural that our steel building consultants provide support for our customers throughout this entire process. We are available and responsive to answer all questions and handle details from start to finish.
Premier Buildings has been in the steel building construction business for 19 years. From Miami Florida to Birmingham Alabama, to New Orleans Louisiana all the way to Dallas Texas, the building consultants at Premier have helped property owners walk through the entire construction process smoothly and without mistakes. Call today!