America relies upon our farmers and their equipment, that’s why steel buildings are so essential.

If the farmer’s equipment doesn’t work, food production suffers which is a major economic indicator in our country. So, it’s not a huge leap to talk about how important it is to help farmers keep their equipment protected as well as their livestock. That’s what steel buildings can do.

It’s a fact that well-equipped larger farm operations have taken the lead in today’s food production market. In fact, only 2.3% of American farms supply 50% of all farming products. But smaller to mid-sized farming operations are becoming more creative to survive and they are finding profitable niche markets like organic produce, out-of-season fruits grown in greenhouse for local markets, designer feeds, mushrooms, and other specialty items to stay competitive and profitable.

The larger farms with bigger outputs happen by using bigger and better equipment and farming techniques. Large, expensive tractors, trailers, trucks, and specialty farming implements are what keeps today’s modern farming operation running at peak performance. This equipment has to be taken care of which is no easy task with the size of the vehicles and other equipment. Pre-engineered steel buildings are the answer to where and how to store all this equipment. Better farm buildings are required for contemporary farming operations.

Steel or Metal buildings can be designed with large clearspan interiors, so storing and moving tractors, combines, corn pickers, excavating equipment, grain trucks, mowers, harvesters, and the like doesn’t involve dodging support columns in the center of the building. Prefabricated steel buildings provide higher ridge heights and much wider overhead doors, so entering and exiting the building is easy. Maintaining the durability of all that equipment is of paramount importance, so steel buildings are also a sound investment.

It’s a fact that farmers were some of the first customers for steel buildings.

Prefabricated metal agricultural buildings provide many benefits to the modern farm operation. Steel buildings are strong, durable and long-lasting, with an expected lifespan of 50 years or more. When you work with a company like Premier Building Systems, our buildings come with a standard 20-year warranty for the roof & walls. Also, our buildings meet all state and county building codes.

It’s important to keep in mind that steel is always predictable and consistent- it has the same characteristics every time whereas wood is organic and therefore inconsistent. Temperatures cause wood to expand and contract while steel remains consistent. The contractions that wood goes through causes more maintenance issues while steel buildings have significantly lower maintenance needs. Also, steel buildings can withstand more weight and support than lumber. This means you can build taller structures without interior support. This is excellent for moving around large equipment or animals without concern. Finally, the strength of steel means fewer parts are necessary for construction when reduces building times.

Modern farmers have to watch their bottom line so, reasonably priced steel building kits are a practical solution for agribusinesses. Also, steel farm buildings are designed to meet the specifications for the individual farm operation and all the building code requirements of that exact location. It doesn’t matter if you live outside of New Orleans Louisiana, Birmingham Alabama or Jackson Mississippi, your steel farm building will arrive ready to meet code.

When it comes to farm construction, any building you need can be built with steel. Need a new barn? Need a place for crop storage? A safe place for your all your farm equipment? Your imagination (and your budget) is your limit.

There are even more reasons to choose to use steel buildings.

Steel is noncombustible so fire isn’t an issue. Steel buildings are significantly more resistant to damage from earthquakes, high winds, mold, termites, fire, lightning, and even aging. They simply require less maintenance which means you spend less time fixing up and more time farming. Also, metal buildings are “green” way to build, because steel is recycled countless times and still does not lose any of its strength or durability.In fact, all steel contains on average 68% recycled material.

Steel buildings are very energy efficient. Insulation options can be discussed at the time of order. Some companies offer upgrade insulation packages for maximum comfort (and minimum energy bills) in any climate controlled areas.

Today’s modern farming operation is more business-oriented than at any time in history. Everything is done to improve efficiency and productivity to maximize profit. Agribusiness buildings need the strength, flexibility, and features built into every pre-fabricated steel building. Built fast, built to last, a building as solid as steel; consider ordering prefab steel building kit for your next project.