Two weeks from today all the votes will be cast and either way there will be some Americans that will be adjusting to the outcome. Right now, as we have been watching the debates and hearing the attacks upon each other for weeks and months we sometimes can not see that the end is close. Sometimes, it feels as though it will continue forever but as in all things it will be over before we know it and then we will either be celebrating for our candidates victory or contemplating how we will handle the next four years … if our candidate is defeated. Either way, it is my sincere hope that whomever comes out victorious does not forget that this is the greatest country in the world and it is a country that was founded on Christianity. People should be very careful in what they want to change when it has worked for so many years. If you have something that is not broken then do not try to fix it because the “fixing it” could very well lead to its complete and full destruction. I hope as we all cast our votes we are doing it after educating ourselves on the candidates, their policies, past voting history and true qualifications. My desire for Election 2012 is that the person whom is best qualified, has the best motives for being in the race and has the best interests of this great Nation as their top priority be the victor.