steel building New Orleans Louisiana, steel building Birmingham Alabama, steel buildings Orlando FloridaWhen it comes to new building construction, there are many advantages to using prefabricated steel buildings versus traditional construction. When it comes to putting a new building up, prefab steel buildings cut construction time in half and so are labor and material costs. Most buildings require a considerable amount of cement, bricks, timber and sand whereas steel buildings are delivered ready for assembly on site. So, it doesn’t matter if you need a building in New Orleans, Birmingham Alabama, Orlando Florida or Houston Texas, this means a cleaner, more efficient construction process that is much more efficient and modern.

Pre-fabricated steel buildings are also easier to maintain. Most metal buildings are made of corrosion resistant metals and prevent moisture from getting near important items stored within. Plus, the way steel buildings are assembled prevents heat or air conditioning from getting out, so they are economical as well.

Many people struggle to identify ways they can use a steel building, but you’re only as limited as your imagination. In fact, there are few purposes a steel building wouldn’t actually make sense. You could store farm equipment outside of Birmingham Alabama or mechanical equipment in Shreveport Louisiana. You could use a prefab metal building to build a shopping center in Orlando Florida or keep your cattle protected from the elements in Texas. Essentially, steel buildings are appropriate for almost any use. Also, commercial steel buildings are also more sturdy and can endure more harsh weather situations than other types of construction materials.

Many people don’t know that steel buildings can be ordered in either a modulated or manufactured version. Modular steel buildings are paralleled to fit local building codes, whereas a manufactured fabricated metal building can be altered to the purchasers specifications. The individual construction pieces made by the manufacturer are pre-fabricated, pre-cut and pre-finished before shipment to the site at which the pieces will be constructed. Since there is so much pre-fabrication done by machines, the developers and purchasers can work together to make desired innovative changes to the steel buildings as they see fit. Picking the appropriate building is easy for not only the purchaser but for the manufacturer as well. At Premier Building Systems, we make it so easy that we assign a prefabricated steel building consultant to your project as soon as someone calls in. We walk our callers through the entire construction process to help iron our every detail of the project.

Before we start a steel building project, there are different factors to consider with the basic design of each prefabricated metal building. After nearly 20 years in construction and with projects all over the country, we know the building codes in your area, so we take care of all those issues so that your steel building arrives compliant with those codes.  Some of the construction pieces that are included in a pre-fabricated metal building include pillars, a roof, door types and headers. Some of theses sections are assembled at the manufacturing facility. Upon completion, these larger pieces are transported and assembled on the construction site.

Pre-fabricated steel buildings will often include a metal roof, which can be removed if needed. Since all of these specific pieces are made of thick steel and then bolted together, they often are much more resilient against some of the more difficult elements such as earthquakes and high winds. This means steel buildings have a better chance of tolerating some of the tornados that occur throughout Alabama or the hurricane winds in Florida for example.

Finally, prefabricated steel buildings can be incredibly versatile in how they appear. The architecture of these buildings can look any way the customer wants. This just has to be determined early in the design process. These pre-fabricated metal buildings can house any type of businesses which brings positive economic changes to the construction business. It also allows buyers to build  any type of building desired in a more cost effective, faster way than any other construction method.


Premier Building Systems has been building prefabricated steel and metal buildings for nearly 20 years. We specialize in steel buildings of all types all over the country, but particularly in Florida, Alabama, New Orleans and Texas.