Steel Building for Canine Pet Rescue – Dacula, Georgia

Canine Pet Rescue is a non-profit labor of love for Judge Carla Brown a long-time resident of Gwinnett County and former Gwinnett Attorney. Carla operates Canine Pet Rescue from her horse farm in Dacula, GA where she raises, breeds and genuinely loves caring for her horses. Prior to starting Canine Pet Rescue Carla was very involved with other pet rescue programs and having owned and loved German Shepherds it was only natural that she decided to focus on this breed she adored when starting her Canine Pet Rescue. This is not to say that they will not help other breeds and often do. It is her true love for animals overall that lead her to want to rescue German Shepherds.

In order to be able to care for the animals properly meant that Carla and her husband, Butch, needed to have a place on their property that would properly house the animals during their adoption process. Being a non-profit, they had to raise the funds to be able to build a home for their Pet Rescue labor of love. In 2011 construction was started on the steel building that will operate Canine pet Rescue. This Steel building animal shelter will protect the rescued German Shepherds and other rescued dogs for many years to come along with the kennels that were constructed adjacent to the new Animal Shelter. Premier Building Systems was proud to be a part of this non-profit labor of love, we love animals and are thrilled that one of our buildings is sheltering these rescued pets.