When people discuss the idea of “being Green”, or “going Green”, one of the many objections that are commonly heard is that going “green” is too expensive. Well, depending on what you are going to implement to be more Green the expense can be higher upfront than less efficient alternatives; but what is the real cost when compared to the savings you will obtain long-term? When in a general discussion you listen only to the objection and do not research or think through the entire scenario you may miss out on the fact that you will incur long-term savings by implementing many “green” practices. For example, in the steel building industry you may pay more upfront for higher R-value insulation and additionally, for adding a feature such as skylights but what do you achieve over the long-term? You will obtain much lower energy bills to heat and cool your building by adding higher R-value insulation and the addition of skylights, in many cases, can completely eliminate daytime use of electric lighting. The savings that you will receive, each and every month, for years to come can greatly outweigh the initial cost of “going Green” and at the same time you have the added benefit of saving resources for future generations.