What in the world is National Electrical Safety Month and why should it matter to you? I had never heard of it and even when I did learn that May was recognized in this manner I thought, "So, what does that have to do with me?” Well after reading some highlights from one of the local power providers I realized that it has to do with all of us, sometimes we take for granted how powerful and dangerous our electrical service can be. We are so accustomed to having so many conveniences provided by electricity that we sometimes forget how potently deadly it can be if not respected. Some pointers that we all should remember are to remind our children not to play near electrical boxes or fly their kites near power lines. As adults when working around the house we should always call 811 before we start digging or cultivating in our yards to make sure we do not hit underground lines. When carrying ladders, tree limbers or any tall metal objects through our yards we should always carry at waist height so we can avoid hitting overhead wires and getting electrocuted. If you have older wiring or think there might be frayed wiring in your home call a licensed electrician to check it out and do not overload outlets so many fires and electrocutions could be prevented every year. 

Happy National Electrical Safety Month, Be Safe!