This morning I came into my office, after battling rain and heavy traffic which precipitated my arriving about 15 minutes later than anticipated, fired up my laptop to receive breaking news. Now just let me say that every time I see that large red breaking news banner my heart skips a beat … it is never good news. Well today, after my heart started thumping again, I realized that this breaking news actually was a little good news for this dreary Friday Morning… the economy was showing a little upswing and jobs were being created.  A little good news is what we need. After several years of recession, double digit unemployment and record foreclosures and homeless, we can use every little sign that the economy is slowly turning a corner. Adding manufacturing jobs is a huge bonus, one of the best ways to get the Country back to where it needs to be is to have products that we make here and sell around the world. Americans need to go back to being innovators and makers of products not just consumers of other Countries products.

Let us not forget that this is an important year to make your choices count, election year. If you want to have a say so in the future of the greatest Country in the World, make sure you vote. If you do not cast your vote, you really cannot complain about the person that ends up in charge.