Integrity goes hand in hand with honesty and personal responsibility and lately I have noticed more and more that it seems to be absent not just in adults in work situations but also among children and young adults. It is really scary to see that a lot of the youth today do not have any problem with saying they will do something and then not following through. This seems to be the example that many adults are setting for the next generation.  When an adult tells a child they will do something with them, or for them, and then they do not follow through, they are teaching that this practice is acceptable. When a parent, in front of their children, make commitments to church functions, work or even friends and then fail to complete the task or show up for the event, the child is being taught by example that it is okay to say one thing and do another. America is the greatest country in the world and I hope we can turn around this scary trend and teach the next generation that integrity is so important. You come into the world with nothing more than your word and you can leave this world knowing that you word means something… you really have nothing more than your word and good name to leave behind.