Hiding the Price of Steel Building Construction/Erection    

— a steel building shell game —


As the price of steel continues to soar, many companies are getting a little too creative with ways to show cost savings to their customers.  One trick is to hide the price of the construction or erection of your building in the materials figures.  You might be working with a company that promises the cheapest construction figure only to find out the real cost is hidden in your materials.  Kind of makes you wonder what else they might be hiding, doesn’t it?


Another ploy is to dispatch a contractor from another state or region who is willing to work cheap.  This isn’t always a bad deal as most companies have their “go-to” guys for complicated or urgent jobs.  But as a general rule of thumb, it is always better to have someone local working on your building.  What if a problem arises?  What if you need some maintenance down the road?  You don’t want your property exposed to the elements waiting for someone who is two states over.


Everybody wants the best building possible at the best price, but don’t create headaches for yourself in the future by trying to save a few extra bucks on the construction costs now.  Make sure that your contractor is competitive, competent and LOCAL!


This is just one of the reasons we started the Premier Certified Partners Program.  Ask your Premier Building Systems Construction Advisor to match you up with one of our over 100 Certified Partners.  They can handle everything from site work to foundations to finish trim and everything in between.


Happy Building!


 Scott Philips