When you think of Illinois, what comes to mind? The first thing I always think of is Abraham Lincoln when I think of Illinois. And I always think Chicago and all the wonderful things I have heard about this city. Having never been to the great State of Illinois or its revered city, Chicago, I decided to do a little research and learn what else stands out about a State where we do business. A lot of people think of President Lincoln when they think Illinois because he christened the city of Lincoln long before becoming President and he is buried in this state but you may not know that he was not born in Illinois nor were two other Presidents who called Illinois home, Ulysses S. Grant and Barack Obama. The only President who was actually born and raised in Illinois, surprisingly to most, was actor and California Transplant, Ronald Reagan.

Illinois has a very rich history of claiming firsts, the largest and the busiest … the first State to ratify the 13th amendment, the sears tower, the O'hare International Airport among lots of others. The people of Illinois love their sports: The Cubs, White Sox, Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks and Fire. Illinois is rich in hertiage and diverse and plentiful in resources and offerings. From ports along the Great Lakes and Mississippi Rivers that fuel industry to rich farmlands, from its innovations in industrialization and power generation, no other state had more to do with Nuclear power than Illinois. Mnay will always think of the vast farm lands of Illinois and the first Farm Aid concert that was held in Champaign in 1985.

We our proud to be able to offer people from all indsutries across all of Illinois the prefab steel structures they need when they need them, whether they are going to be using them to operate a factory in the city or to house equipment on their farm. Our representatives look forward to working with each and everyone of our customers from across the midwest and getting to know exactly what they need from their custom designed metal structure.