The News Media Outlets are reporting that a deal has been reached to stop the over two week long US Governement Shutdown and avoid the US defaulting on our loans. Is it for real? And is the deal that was reached the best course of action for the greatest Country in the World? First we have to see if the deal is actually passed through both the Senate and the House and then signed by the President. Then we have to learn all the details to know what all this really means for each and every one of us, the citizens of these the United States of America.

Whether it is this deal or the next one … because even if this passes, we are only fending off the problem till the new year where this will all have to be dealt with once again, my hope is that the people making these decisions do not lose sight of the reason all this is being done. It is not about their positions or power. It is about making tough decisions that are the best for the future of the Country.

We shall see in the days and months ahead.