Everybody is talking about the recession and maybe even a double-dip recession.  A lot of folks are struggling to make ends meet and working harder than ever for less.  You hear about the economy everywhere you go.  Maybe no one knows when the recession will end but there is one thing that’s for certain, we all have our eyes out for some good news.  Well, here’s some good news.

Premier Building systems has be growing strong for 16 years.  Despite all the scary economic predictions, we just put the finishing touches on the best February we’ve seen in three years.  Not only was February, 2011 a great month, it was in the top months we’ve seen in our 200+ months in business.  Way to go team.

The most encouraging part is thinking about all of the lives that are enriched by this success.  There are all of the customers who are expanding their businesses with new buildings and that means more jobs.  Our partners in the supply line who fabricate the buildings and all of the trim and components are staying busy.  The Premier Certified Partners team and their crews who erect these buildings all appreciate the work.  And the team of architects, engineers and construction advisors who work in our home office feel it too.

 I’ll leave the forecasting to the experts but from our perspective February was a big win for everyone in PBS country.  There’s cake in the break room, but then let’s get back to work and break some more records.  Steel is still the best option.

Scott Philips

Founder, Premier Building Systems