It is the season for charity walks and festivals to raise money for various causes. I know just in the last few weeks, in my area, there have been Autism walks, Domestic Violence Awareness walks, Heart Disease fundraisers and Numerous Breast Cancer fundraisers whether it is a Relay for Life or the Cancer three day walk and the many events that are designed around these events to raise funds for the teams. In the busy lives that we lead everyday sometimes it is really hard to get out and participate in these events but even a $10.00 contribution can go a  long way so if you can not be a part of the event, to support a charity close to your heart, you can always give a donation. On the flip side of the coin, if you just do not have $1.00 extra in the budget but you really want to be able to support raising money to advance research in a cause important to you, then consider working in one of these many events. Not only can you be on a team that raises funds individually but most events need massive teams of volunteers to pull off the event without glitches. Helping in any way you can is much better that wishing that you had. Check your local event guide to see what charity events are coming up in your area and get involved.