What do you think of when you think of using a metal building? Some people only think of a large box metal building for storing cars, rv's or their extra stuff. There are so many ways that metal buildings are used every day and we should know. We are proud to work every single day on custom designed red iron steel buildings "metal Buildings" for our customers. All sizes, all different designs for all kinds of uses. Just off the top of my head these are some of the metal buildings we have desinged, delivered and/or built recently:

Airplane Hangars

Helicopter Hangar

Commercial RV Storage

Commercial RV Sales -addition to building

Chicken Condo

Monster Truck Transmission Shop

Motocross workout and storage facility

Batting cage roof only

Wrestling sotrage and indoor facility

Mini Storage building for apartment parking

Mini storage for commercial addition

Hunting lodge

Storage for classic cars

Retail shopping center

Commercial Fitness Center

Personal Dog Kennels

Commercial Dog Kennels

Industrial Manufacturing Plant

Car Sales facility

And the list goes on … and the uses are endless. Let us know what we can help you build today!