Metal Building Project things you need to do and know, we will call them the Metal Buildings 1, 2, 3's

  1. Thoroughly discuss your project with an experienced construction advisor. You will receive a FREE quote and 3D drawing of your building.
  2. Place your steel building order: a deposit is required (normally 20%) for the order to be placed, with the balance due upon delivery.
  3. While awaiting delivery (6-8 weeks) of your metal building make sure that your site work is complete including grading and concrete. Concrete has to be poured with anchor bolts according to anchor bolt plans for the specific building.
  4. Receipt of your steel building: deliveries are normally scheduled at least two weeks in advance, make sure to have the proper equipment to handle the off load.
  5. Steel Building Erection: normally takes 1-3 weeks depending on size of the building and weather conditions.
  6. Full Build out: varies by contractor and the complexity of the design.