My name is Renee Bunch, I am co-owner of Bunch's Collision Center in Jacksboro, TN. with my husband Gary. We currently lease our building on 5 Year terms. Our tenth year is coming up in April and even though now is not the best time for us, we didn't want to renew another 5 years. Anyways we started pricing buildings, block vs steel etc. When we decided on steel and started comparison shopping, we knew just what we wanted a 90'X50' with 4 garage doors and 3 entry doors. One entry door, front & center with 2 garage doors on each side. The remaining 2 entry doors were to go 1 on each side of building.

One of our calls were to United Steel Buildings, we explained to our salesman what we were looking for and he told us we were in luck. He had just what we wanted already in production, (the other buyer had put down his deposit and then had to default)
so we could have this building at a discount. We asked to be sent drawings and was told no drawings would be sent until they received a deposit.

We continue to call around and our salesman calls us and says "hey, this building is fixing to be pulled from production and you'll lose your discount if we don't get a deposit." We don't want that to happen so we pull out the charge card and make the $7000.00 deposit.

We get our "drawings" a few days later, a rectangle with instructions to pick my colors, draw my doors on with contrasting ink, have it approved with our building code inspector, and send back. All of which I did.

A few days later, we receive a fax from United Steel – a Revision Order – for almost $5000.00 more – 50% due now to keep the building in production. What??? Nothing changed, I didn't add anything new, 4 garage and 3 entry doors – it's in my contract.

Well now, see because my doors are going to be attached to the building (yeah) it no longer meets code, a wind column has to be added and additional upgrades. We want to talk to our salesman, he can clear this up, our building is already in production "just like we want!" Our calls to the salesman were intercepted and we were told he no longer had our paperwork, we did not need to talk to him.

Okay give us back our deposit. Nope, can't do that. Needless to say this all started back at the end of Nov. and is still ongoing.

We still needed a building however, April is still coming. A contractor told us about Premier Buildings, said he had been dealing with them a long time. That's how we got in touch with Eddie. We told him what we wanted, he knew that a wind column would be needed and included that in the price. They also had several extras that wasn't included with United's Building I'm so very happy to say that my building was delivered 6 weeks later as promised with no price increases. It's actually up and standing. It is super nice. See pix. I recommend these guys highly to anyone and everyone. Call them!!! Ask for my number, I'll be glad to talk to you.

Thanks Premier