Type of Purchase: 30 X 30 barn with lean-to
We bought our building from you in 2008.  I waited years to give
feedback because I wanted to see how well it actually held up.  After 5
years, we are still so proud and pleased with it!  Our only regret is
that we didn't build a 30 X 40!!!  The quality of the building is good,
the color has held up very well in the blistering Texas sun.  The
insulation still looks good and makes all the difference in moderating
the extremes in temperature.  The team we had put the building up (at
your recommendation) was right on target.  Steve and his team showed up
on time and did what they said they would do.  They helped us clean up
debris afterwards and haul it off.

Everyone who has come to visit us has been so impressed with the
building – 
one of our elderly neighbors declared, "Wow, now THIS is a NICE
We think so too.  You folks are top notch and we thank you again for a
lovely building that will no doubt outlive us!

Sonny L.
Llano, TX
Date: 2013-11-05