You might wonder, what is all the fuss about steel building design? What in the world does it matter if you design a steel building? Aren't they all the same? Pretty simple … they are just steel boxes, right? Wrong. Even if you are going to order a "standard box" which can be one of the many ordinary size steel buildings; there is still the element of design unique to each steel building based on how the user needs it set-up. For example, let's say you are going to order a 30x40x14 with a 1:12 roof pitch and you want two roll-up doors and two personnel doors but you need them placed as follows: roll-up door, personnel door roll-up door on the front of the building. Then you also want another personnel door on the end wall. This sounds pretty simple but unless you and your building advisor are speaking the same language you could end up with two very different buildings. You might be sitting in your home and picturing this building going up in your back yard with the end wall facing your home and being the 40 side of the building but in all actuality if you told the building advisor you wanted your 30X40 facing the house then they are picturing the 30 side facing the existing structure. This is precisely why our building advisors are trained to make sure that they ask the right questions. They make sure that they and the customer are on the same page in terms of viewing the building and laying out the doors, windows and any accessories a customer may want to add to their custom designed steel building. It really does not matter if you are building a “standard box” out of steel, a steel mini storage building, a steel home or any other structure. Each and every order we take is custom designed to your needs and specifications. Make sure that if you are looking for a steel building that you speak with people who build each building as if they were doing it for themselves, Premier takes pride in each and every building that carries our name.