Why build with a commercial pre-engineered steel metal building kit?

Pre-engineered steel metal buildings are fast becoming the industry standard. The majority of single story buildings built today are metal buildings. Their popularity has skyrocketed as the method of choice for single story commercial construction. But why?

One of the reasons most people choose to build their single story commercial building with a  pre-engineered steel metal building systems is because they are cost effective. The “kits” come to the client by commercial trucking lines and delivered to the building site. Easy to understand plans are included to help make the erection quick and timely. And the finished building is stronger than many other types of construction methods.

Steel Metal Buildings are used for personal use such as workshops and garages, as well as countless commercial uses to include warehouses, workshops, light manufacturing, offices, medical offices, hangars, barns and agricultural storage, garages, storage facilities and mini-warehouses, churches and much more.

Builders, engineers and architects all love these pre-engineered kits for their versatility and ease of customization. Doors can be moved prior to the build, as well as skylights, overhead doors, and other accessories added or changed. Everything is planned in advance according to the client’s needs. At Premier Buildings we know one size does not fit all and pride ourselves on listening to the customer’s needs.

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