Do you have an existing steel building that has become damaged?

It happens more often than one might think. Just recently we had a former customer call us because their commercial steel building was damaged when a delivery driver drove right into the corner of the building. We were expecting to see a little dent in the canopy that could easily be repaired by one small component order but when we arrived on site we saw a lot more damage. The truck did not hit just the metal canopy it plowed through the canopy and into the building requiring Canopy and PBR Panel, both to be repaired. Since 1995 we have seen all different kinds of damage to our existing steel buildings and we are always happy to help our customers put their building back to normal. We have repaired buildings from storm damage, car damage and freak accidents caused by human error damage like the time an employee drove a fork lift into the wall of the building and instead of hitting the breaks, they kept pushing and made quite a mess. No matter how the steel building damage occurs we can help you fix it. We look forward to helping you with your damage to your metal building.