Steel building components are manufactured to superior standards and specifications. There are no substandard materials in a pre-engineered metal building. Each piece meets strict industry standards for quality and is designed specifically for use in your building. Steel components will not twist, split, swell, or rot like wood. Steel will remain rigid for the life of the building, maintaining incredible structural integrity for life.

More secure over the life of the building

Steel components will not weather or degrade over time like wood. Steel will remain firm for the life of the building. This structural quality means less weight on fasteners and components and provides a more secure building for years to come. Most wood posts are pressure treated, but will breakdown eventually.

Greater  flexibility

Because steel is stronger than wood, it allows more flexibility. You can typically extend the entire width of your building with no interior posts required, and the columns can be separated further on the sidewalls. The outcome is a much more open building with less weight and greater structural integrity.

Bring down maintenance costs

Steel will remain rigid for the life of the building. Steel components will not have to be replaced or repaired and will remain long after the wood outline building is no more. Fasteners are additionally higher quality for steel buildings, so you will not have to replace fasteners like you will on a typical wooden post building. The light metal sheeting on most wood post buildings will require substitution over time. Wood runners hold moisture against the light gauge metal sheeting causing the sheeting and the fasteners to rust rashly.

Longer economic life

Steel buildings simply don’t destroy over time like wood structures. Unless their is some catastrophic occasion, your steel post building will endure forever. Wooden buildings have an economic life of 20 years and require bunches of maintenance along the way. Wood siding will have to be replaced, as a rule around ten years. If the non-metal material is used, it will likewise require replacement or costly repairs sooner or later. A pre-engineered metal building requires no maintenance and provides decades worry free problems.

Stronger foundation

One of the primary objections a few people make to a steel building is that it may require a concrete floor, adding essentially to the initial cost of the project. But the advantages over the life of the building are colossal.