When it is thundering and lightning should you talk on the phone? It is a common question. I have heard many times that you should never talk on any telephone, land line or mobile phone when it is lightning outside. Is this true or not? Well the electricity experts at the electirc company say that you should NOT talk on you landline when it is lightning outside. If lightning stirkes near your home or business the voltage can travel through the lines to any phone, including the one in your hand. If a cell phone or cordless phone are not plugged in to the wall for charging or connected to the base are safe during a storm.

Other common lightning myths:

  1. Lightning only strikes when it is raining ~ not true, if you hear thunder you can be struck by lightning. Lightning can strike up to 3 miles away from a storm.
  2. You are safe to shower during a thunderstorm ~ not ture, you should not shower, take a bath or be near sinks or plumbing during a thunderstorm.
  3. You should not touch a lightning strike vistim ~ not true, this applies to electrical shock victims until power is turned off but not lightning strike victims.

90% of lightning strikes occur outside but this does not mean we should not be cautious during thunderstorms indoors as well.

Reference: Jemco News May 2012