Shelter has been an essential necessity of man since the beginning of time. This hasn’t changed over the ages. The home is considered to be the safest places that anyone can be in, providing protection from wild animals and against the elements of nature.

There are, nonetheless, several different functions that today’s buildings do apart from merely providing protection, well being, and comfort. The development of buildings is fascinating, and steel buildings have provided a center on which modern buildings depend.  Before metals, buildings were made from materials that were readily available, such as wood. However, metals provide a number of desired properties that have transformed building construction over the years. Today, steel is a fundamental part of most buildings. 

The history of steel began in the late 1700s when the British started using steel structures. It was used mainly out of the need for fireproof material of steel structures. Some buildings like mills were particularly prone to fire and steel mills provided the right solution for this issue. By the late 1800s, steel began to progressively be used for several metal building construction purposes. Mobile housing became a necessity also during this time, being facilitated by the labor movement from the countryside to cities where the factories were being erected. In addition, the new industrial revolution of the gold rush, caused people to travel different places and were in need of temporary housing. Steel residential buildings provided the perfect flexible and low-cost housing option for them.

Steel was never to be limited for this purpose. In the early 1900s particularly saw the construction of several skyscrapers in cities like Chicago that used steel as their essential supporting structure. Steel entered a new era in which the real material of steel such as durability, stability and strength could be subjugated to make metal buildings believed to be a fabrication of the mind’s eye a few years ago.

Residential steel buildings, after the world war, were influential in providing the basic needs to millions of families affected by the war. This was when no other material could equal the facilitation of manufacturing houses made of steel. The economics, unfortunately, at that time dictated that all steel structures be alike. This has made steel branded as an choice as people still are inclined to think of steel houses as boxes exactly the same to one another. But this is far from the truth. With the progression in manufacturing today, steel is able to provide the greatest levels of customization, the utmost quality of buildings, and the best affordable prices. It’s the most durable material that buildings have been looking for centuries!

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