Metal Buildings - Chicken Egg-laying facility. Premier BuildingsPrefabricated steel buildings have become the leading choice in the commercial building industry in the last few decades. There’s a reason why- using prefab steel buildings saves money. We get so many calls asking us about steel & metal building construction that we thought we’d use our blog to help educate people more about it. Besides, people love lists, so we thought we’d give you a short one. So, the top three ways prefabricated steel buildings saves commercial builders money is:

#1 Using prefabricated steel buildings limits the players involved in construction

Think about it. If you want to build a new building on your property, you need typically need an architect or someone to draw up your plans, your builder, a string of contractors on and on. When you go with a prefabricated steel building, you deal with one entity- the steel building company. When you call Premier Buildings in Atlanta Georgia, for example, you get assigned a steel building consultant who walks you through the entire process step by step from design to construction. You deal with that individual for everything. Your consultant will help you think of things you wouldn’t have thought of. After nearly 20 years of working with people all over the country, the pros at Premier know all the problem areas and can help steer you around them. So, if time is money, going with a steel building saves you a ton of money by simply coordinating the construction process.

#Steel building construction requires less manpower

Since your steel building is manufactured and assembled at the factory, the entire structure arrives on the construction site at the same time. The actual building process takes less time than traditional construction and less people. This significantly reduces labor costs and saves time as well. Steel buildings get erected faster and more efficiently because there’s less need for on-site measuring cutting, fitting, welding, etc. Because so much of this work is done at the factory, the entire process of steel building construction requires less time, labor and money. Not to mention, there is less waste, so the cost of on-site construction cleanup is significantly reduced. Less waste is not only better for the balance sheet, it’s better for the environment as well.

#3 Steel buildings can be expanded for less

Once your steel building is operational and your business begins to grow, it’s not uncommon for the steel building consultants to get calls from business owners who need to expand their building. Not a problem with steel buildings. It’s a straightforward process because all you need to do is remove an endwall, roof panels and extend the framing to make the necessary expansions. The entire expansion process is simple from a construction side and it’s economical. Finally, the business suffers much less interruption during the expansion process.

Modern Uses of Steel Buildings:

When it comes to all the uses of steel buildings, your imagination is the only limitation.  If you can dream it we can build it. We’ve built horse parks in Dallas Texas, church metal buildings in Birmingham Alabama, college buildings in Orlando Florida, a shopping center in Tallahassee Florida, and office building in Raleigh North Carolina.

Any business that struggles with budget constraints (and who doesn’t?) is a great candidate for using steel building construction for their expansion projects simply because it is more cost effective than traditional construction and less disruption.

In all areas of construction, commercial steel buildings are quickly becoming the leading choice in construction options. There is simply no building project that where steel buildings cannot be utilized. Call Premier Building Systems today to learn more about how a steel building can be the right option for your construction project.