Building Wall Types From Premier

Wall panels play an important role in the visual aesthetics of a building. Structurally, wall materials today range from wood, brick and block, tilt-up panels to metal panels.

A complete wall system is more than a basic covering panel. The following components are integral to the building of a wall system:

  • Structural framing support
  • Basic covering material
  • Insulation
  • Joining and fastening
  • Exterior & Interior finishes

Wall insulation is field-installed by sandwiching the roll insulation between the girts and the covering panels. The tabs of adjoining insulation rolls are folded and stapled to assure good vapor barrier. Often, standard white vinyl blanket insulation in thickness of 3″, 4″, and 6″ is used.

There are two types of wall systems: load-bearing and curtain wall and frame (skeleton-frame).

Load-Bearing Wall System
Load-bearing wall construction has been used since the earliest days of the Roman Empire. Walls support their own weight plus the remaining load of the building.

Roof beams and bar joists rest on the exterior walls, which, in turn, transmit the load to the foundation. Walls must be strong enough to carry all of this weight. As heights of buildings increase, required thickness of walls and the resulting stress on the foundations become excessive and uneconomical. Although this type of wall construction is still in use today, the curtain wall and frame system is the more modern and functional method.

Curtain Wall and Frame System
Curtain wall and frame is popular in commercial construction. It is more economical, with a greater selection of exterior materials and colors. Walls are of lighter weight with better insulating efficiency. Generally, curtain walls are faster and easier to erect.

Wall Accessories
Many of Premier’s wall systems are available with wall accessories, including:

  • Walk Doors
  • Overhead Door Framed Openings
  • Aluminum Horizontal Slide Windows
  • Aluminum Narrow Light Accent Windows
  • Wall Louvers
  • Slide Doors
  • Light Transmitting Wall Panels (roof or wall lights)
  • Liner Panels