Roof Systems For Your Premier Building

A properly installed metal roof will provide years of maintenance-free performance. Refinement of roofing materials has extended roof life and fostered the benefit of low ratings for fire and earthquake insurance. Also, in most areas, metal systems with UL-90 wind uplift rated roofs qualify for reduced insurance rates.

Metal Roofs
Metals have long been recognized as the best roofing materials. Today’s building owner can select roof panels made of aluminum, aluminum-zinc alloy coated steel, or aluminum clad steel. All three are available at relatively moderate prices.

Originally, metal sheets for roofing were flat and it was necessary to join them by welding or soldering, or to introduce lap seams and joints. To facilitate this type of installation, it became common practice to crimp or flange the edges of the panels. Later, in order to provide panels with greater strength, the metal sheet was formed with ribs or corrugations.

Standard Screw-down Roof Panel
Attractive, long-life, low-maintenance panel systems for the look you want. The deep-ribbed PBR panel is ideal for roof and wall applications. It has an even-shadowed look, designed for commercial and industrial applications.

PBR Roof Panel Installation
It is recommended that both sides of the ridge of a building be sheeted simultaneously. This keeps the insulation covered for the maximum amount of time, and panel ribs can be kept in proper alignment for the ridge panel or cap. As the sheeting progresses, check for proper coverage. See illustration for panel sheeting sequence.

Ridge Panel/Cap
The ridge of the building is the horizontal line formed by opposing sloping sides of a roof running parallel with the building length. The ridge is covered by a transition of the roofing material, often called a Ridge Panel or Ridge Cap. When a ridge panel matches the configuration of the roof panel, it is called a die formed ridge panel. Die formed ridge panels are to be installed as each side of the roof is sheeted. This aids in keeping both sides of the roof aligned. See illustration for clarification.

Standing Seam Roof Panel Systems
Premier Building Systems offers four different Standing Seam Roof Panel Systems:

BattenLok® Architectural Panel
The screw-down roof is clearly the most economical choice for a roofing system. However, at times a roof may require a standing seam panel system, especially on a building with a roof slope of 1/2:12 or less.